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Roasting Tins & Oven Dishes

Roasting tins and oven dishes help you roast or bake food to perfection. With their conductive materials and non-stick coating, you can roast your vegetables and crisp up your potatoes without the risk of your food sticking and burning onto the roasting tins and roasting trays. All our roasting tins and oven tray sets offer superb heat conductivity and retention, ensuring that your food is cooked consistently.

Our roasting racks pair nicely with our roasting tins, helping you raise the piece of meat and improving air circulation. By raising the meat and lifting it from the roasting tin, the improved air flow helps your meat stay succulent while ensuring that it is evenly cooked throughout.

While our roasting tins and oven dishes are great for oven use, we also have casserole dishes that are ideal for cooking on the hob as well as oven baking. When moving roasting tins and oven dishes around, make sure to protect yourself and your clothes by using aprons, oven gloves and tea towels.