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Saute Pans

ProCook saute pans are suitable for all hob types, including induction and many are guaranteed for up to 25 years. Choose from stainless steel, anodised or non-stick aluminium, all with robust construction and accompanying lids to keep flavours in the dish.

The process of sauteing food involves cooking with a small amount of oil over a relatively high heat. The best saute pans allow food to be cooked quickly, sealing in flavour and moisture. The best results are achieved by using a large saute pan to ensure all ingredients maintain contact with the heated surface, keeping a moderate to high heat to let food brown and, ideally, deglazing the cooked food to create a rich, flavoursome sauce.

Pan frying and sauteing differ in the amount of oil they require, the heat of the pan and the overall speed of the cooking process although a saute pan is a great way to create a fry up for lots of people thanks to its large capacity and even heat distribution.

ProCook Saute Pans are rated 4.79 / 5.0 from 375 reviews