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Steaming is the healthiest way to prepare your meals. Instead of boiling your food, which can cause nutrients to seep into the water, try steaming it with one of our stunning ProCook steamer sets. Crafted from high grade materials, our steamers and poachers are dishwasher safe.

ProCook steamers consist of an excellent stockpot, topped with one or two steamer inserts in a variety of ranges. All our steamer sets are suited to induction cooking and oven safe to 260C.

Using more than one steamer insert allows you to separate food into different sections - perfect for food which cooks at different speeds, or preparing food separately.

Our steamers are guaranteed for up to 25 years, offering unwavering peace of mind.

Nikkim says... "Lots of room" *****
I've only had this steamer for a week but I've used it every day. I love the fact that you can use it as a cooking pot that goes in the oven, plus a steamer for veg. In the past, I've had steamers that leave very little space for bulky veg but this one is superb and spacious.

ProCook Steamers are rated 4.52 / 5.0 from 50 reviews