ProCook Stovetop Waffle Maker - 2 Section

ProCook Stovetop Waffle Maker2 Section

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Product Description

  • 2 section stovetop waffle maker
  • Made from cast aluminium
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Traditional design that works every time
  • 1 year guarantee - ProCook design, manufacture and supply innovative quality products and cut out the middleman to bring you unbeatable prices
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Typically £32 Only £22
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A great product at a great price

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Product Description

ProCook Stovetop Waffle Maker 2 Section

This traditional stovetop waffle maker is a fantastic way to create memories with your own home cooked waffles.

Made from cast aluminium, the waffle maker is lightweight and easy to use, and features a non-stick interior.

To use, simply preheat your waffle maker on the stove, turning it to ensure both sides are thoroughly warmed through. Open the waffle maker, resting the bottom side flat on the stove, and carefully pour in batter. Close the waffle maker and secure with the handle catch. Cook for 30 seconds on one side and then flip to cook on the other side. Repeat for up to 3 minutes before opening the waffle maker to release waffles.

We recommend you keep a wooden chopping board or trivet to the side of the hob during cooking to prevent damage to your worktop from the heat. Always use the handle - never touch any part of the waffle maker body during cooking as it will get extremely hot. Avoid using metal utensils during use as this may scratch the non-stick.

After use, wash in soapy water by hand.

1 year guarantee.

Awfully Good Waffles Recipe


250g flour (plain), 7g baking powder, 20g caster sugar, 5g salt, 475ml milk, 2 eggs, 30ml vegetable oil

1. Weigh all the dry ingredients, place in a large mixing bowl. Break the eggs into the milk and beat the mixture.

2. Add the egg and milk mixture to the dry ingredients. Add the oil and mix all ingredients together until smooth. Do not over mix otherwise the waffles will be heavy when cooked.

3. Pre heat the waffle maker until hot and coat the inside surfaces with melted butter using a pastry brush.

4. Pour enough batter into the waffle maker and cook for 3-4 mins, turning it over half way though or until golden brown and crispy on the outside.

5. Serve hot with maple syrup, sliced banana and/or blueberries or a topping of your choice.


Cooked waffles can be frozen and heated up in the toaster. Unused batter mixture can be kept in a containerin the fridge for up to 2 days.

Ensure the handle does not come into direct contact with gas flames.

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  • This product is suitable for ceramic hobs
  • This product is suitable for electric hobs
  • This product is suitable for gas hobs
  • This product is PFOA Free

Product Specifications:


ProCook Cookware


Two waffle sections

Lightweight and easy to use


22cm/9in x 12cm/5in Waffle maker




Cast aluminium



Wash by hand

Hob: Electric, gas and ceramic


1 Year