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Pestle & Mortars

Pestle and mortars have been used since the Stone Age. Even now, many home cooks and professional chefs use a pestle and mortar to prepare ingredients, using the pestle to crush herbs and spices against the mortar that can then be rubbed onto meat or vegetables.

Pestle and mortars are typically made from hardy materials such as stone which is why we have marble pestle and mortars as well as porcelain pestle and mortars. Not only does the hard surface make it easier to crush and mix ingredients, but they make beautiful kitchen accessories that can be left out on display.

There are numerous ways to use a mortar and pestle. Crush up ingredients for certain foods such as guacamole & hummus, which can then be served from one of our fondue & dipping bowls, or rub crushed herbs and spices onto ingredients and place them onto our roasting tins & oven dishes for a flavoursome meal. If you make a pesto or hummus, you can always store the dish in one of our food storage containerss.