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Meat cleavers are large knives that are usually rectangular in shape and have a large, sharp blade designed for cutting through tough pieces of meat and bones. Although cleavers are favoured by butchers and can be viewed as too big for a normal kitchen, a cleaver knife has many uses from butterflying chicken to cutting through hardier vegetables like pumpkins and butternut squash.

At ProCook, our selection of cleavers are designed to ensure that you can comfortably use the large blade and slice through the meat or vegetable with minimal effort. What's more, all handles feature a triple rivet handle for added strength, so you can apply extra pressure when cutting through bones, meat and vegetables.

While a Chinese cleaver and meat cleaver are perfect for slicing through thick pieces of meat and tough vegetables, check out our cleavers, filleting & boning knives if you want to fillet or debone more delicate cuts of meat such as fish. To prolong your kitchen cleaver's lifespan, check out our knife sharpeners and chopping boards so that you can keep the blade sharper for longer.