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Knife Sets with Glass Blocks

Whats better than a stunning knife set? A stunning knife set housed in a gorgeous glass knife block. Perfect for all knife ranges, our variety of glass knife blocks can hold up between 6 and 11 knives, making them ideal for any sized kitchen.

Knife blocks are a great way to store your knives in a safe and secure location, providing easy access to each of your chopping utensils. ProCook knife sets come in a range of materials, styles and prices, so you're bound to find the knife block & set that you're looking for!

All knife blocks come with a wipe clean surface, allowing you to maintain the professional look of your knives.

Please note under the Criminal Justice Act 1988 (as amended) we are only allowed to sell knives to persons aged 18 and over.

Carolr says... "Great block and knives" *****
I just bought a knife block with the X50 8 piece knife set and Im thrilled. So happy in fact that I got a set for my brother too. I love the block as you can see which knife you need more easily and the knives are lovely to use. It makes such a difference to use good well balanced and sharp knives. Very happy.