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Japanese Santoku Knives

Santoku knives are a general purpose knife with Japanese origins. Although a Santoku knife can be compared to a chef's knife, there are numerous differences between the two. Santoku knives have a thinner blade that allows for more refined slicing and dicing; they also have no tip, with the blade curving down to meet the front blade.

At ProCook, our Japanese Santoku knives are designed to produce sharp cuts for easy cutting. The sharpness of our Santoku knives means that you can create wafer-thin slices, such as extremely thin vegetable or fruit slices that can accompany your dishes. Most of our Santoku knives include dimples on the side of the blade, reducing friction and preventing food from sticking to the blade for easier and quicker meal prep.

We have a variety of Santoku knife types, so whether you are after an X30 or X50 Santoku knife or a Santoku knife set, be sure to browse our selection. We also offer Japanese knife sets as well as accessories to keep your knives safe such as knife storage systems and knife sharpeners.