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Cafetieres are perfect for coffee lovers who enjoy making cafe style coffee within the comfort of their own home. Whether you simply wish to enjoy a cup on your own or love to host coffee mornings, we have a selection of 3 cup cafetieres and 8 cup cafetieres.

All our coffee cafetieres are designed to brew delicious coffee. You will find a stainless steel mesh and perforated filter plunger to separate the coffee granule from the filter coffee for a smoother consistency as well as heat resistant glass that will keep your coffee warm. We have a selection of stylish cafetieres and classical glass cafetieres depending on the look you are after.

Pair your cafetiere with a selection of stylish mugs, or if you enjoy a latte, we have beautiful latte & coffee glasses that will make you feel like you're sat in a stylish cafe. Keep your coffee beans and granules fresh by sealing them in airtight food storage containers.