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Champagne Glasses & Coupes

Champagne glasses make toasting and celebrating remarkable occasions that little bit more special. Champagne flutes are known for their thin stems and elegant silhouettes, beautifully crafted to promote aeration for greater development of flavours and aromatics while ensuring that the champagne's natural carbonation does not fizzle out. All our champagne glasses and champagne flutes capture the bubbles at the base for a slower rise to the surface, adding greater texture and aromas - perfect for those who love their champagne fizzy.

While flute glasses represent modern champagne drinking, our champagne saucers capture the older elegance of the early 20th century. Champagne saucers and coupes offer vintage charm and timeless style to any dinner party or celebration.

The right glassware can heighten your drinking experience, which is why drinking your chosen alcoholic beverage from the right glass is important. wine glasses are purposely shaped for red and white wine, whereas our cocktail glasses and tumblers & highballs are perfect for spirit-based cocktails.