Cafetieres & Teapots

Take a well earned break and browse our fantastic selection of teapots, cafetieres and every accessory you might need to create that perfect cuppa.

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Cafetieres & Teapots

For all your tea and coffee needs, this selection of cafetieres and teapots is sure to satisfy your thirst for a good cup. From more traditional stovetop coffee makers to ceramic teapots and French presses, we have you covered. Whilst stainless steel cafetieres are ideal for keeping your brew warm for longer and are incredibly durable, traditional glass cafetieres offer a visual experience and so allow you to keep a close eye on the brewing progress. A replacement cafetiere glass is also easy to replace should you wish to do this.

If you are looking for a fresh pot to make traditional or herbal teas, our selection of teapots and infusers offers you a wealth of choice and can bring plenty of colour to the table.

For maximum effect, serve up your hot chocolate, tea or coffee in stylish latte glasses.