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ProCook Tea Strainer With Rest Stainless Steel 4.00 0 Silver Stainless Steel
ProCook Glass Teapot 700ml 17.00 4 Clear 700ml Glass Teapots
ProCook Stainless Steel Teapot 1.5L 19.00 4 Silver Stainless Steel Coffee Makers
ProCook Satin Steel Teapot 0.75 Litre 19.00 5 Silver .75L Stainless Steel / Glass Teapots
ProCook Satin Steel Teapot 1.25 Litre 22.00 5 Silver 1.25L Stainless Steel / Glass Teapots
ProCook Sieve Mini 2.50 5 Silver Stainless Steel Sieves & Colanders Dishwasher Safe
ProCook Tea Infuser Stainless Steel Mesh 2.00 5 Silver Stainless Steel

Teapots & Infusers

No teatime is complete without a sturdy, stylish teapot. ProCook teapots and tea infusers come with a guarantee, ensuring you'll be enjoying the your cup of tea in style for many years to come. All ProCook products are designed in the UK and made to our precise specifications.

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