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Tumblers & Highball Glasses

Tumblers and highball glasses are perfect when wanting to enjoy a refreshing gin or perfectly aged whiskey, as their shape is designed to help unlock your chosen spirit's tasting notes for a more heightened drinking experience. Highball glasses are popular amongst gin drinkers and whiskey lovers as they allow for plenty of ice, spirit and mixer, making for a relaxing drink.

Our tumbler drinking glasses are incredibly versatile. Use our highball glass sets as whiskey tumbler glasses or glasses for soft drinks, our coloured highball glasses and ribbed tumbler glasses are beautifully made and can be placed on a formal dinner table or used for casual drinks amongst friends.

While our highball glasses are perfect for soft drinks and spirits like gin and whiskey, we also have an assortment of wine glasses, cocktail glasses, and Champagne glasses & coupes - all of which are designed to maintain the right temperature while expanding the wine's aromas.