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Wine Glasses

Wine glasses not only help you drink your favourite alcoholic beverage, but they are also designed to heighten the aroma of the wine and improve the wine's taste. Because of this, matching your wine with the correct wine glass is incredibly important.

ProCook offer a variety of wine glasses, all of which have unique benefits to help unlock the wine's aromas. We offer red wine glasses with a larger bowl so that the wine's aroma can build up as well as white wine glasses that have a smaller bowl to keep the white wine's aroma secured in the wine glass and a longer stem so that your hand does not touch the bowl and impact the wine's temperature.

We offer a selection of beautiful crystal wine glasses that can be enjoyed solo or used for formal dinner parties. You can always pair our red wine glasses with one of our beautiful jugs & carafes for added elegance. What's more, if you enjoy Champagne or mixing up some cocktails, we also have elegant Champagne glasses & coupes and a variety of cocktail glasses.