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ProCook Black & Stainless Steel

Micro Grater

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Product Description

  • Crafted from stylish, satin stainless steel set within a durable, black ABS frame
  • Offers four grating options plus a super-sharp slicer on one side
  • Cup and millimetre measurements down the sides so you can gauge your grated contents with ease
  • Measures 22cm high and is dishwasher safe

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“I am very happy with all the pro cook items. A frying pan. A splatter guard.“ More Info

ProCook Black & Stainless Steel

Micro Grater

Created using contemporary-style stainless steel, sitting within a durable ABS frame, this attractive box micro grater provides you with four grating choices, with an additional extra-sharp slicer on one side.

Its robust, stainless steel handle has riveted construction, plus it has cup and millimetre measurements on the sides, helping you to track how much you've grated while you are cooking.

Product Specifications:

It's dishwasher safe and measures 22cm.
This product is dishwasher safe

Item Code: 5218

Extra care is required when using graters and mandolins as these are extremely sharp. Work slowly and carefully, always using the guard and not fingers on mandolins. Familiarise yourself with the product fully before use. Do not allow any persons under the age of 18 years to handle ProCook mandolins, graters or other sharp, cutting devices. Read any instructions provided and ensure that they are adhered to at all times.

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