ProCook Digital Thermometer

Temperature Probe

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Product Description

  • Oven probe digital thermometer
  • Popular meat settings
  • Timer and alert function
  • Magnetic monitor to attach to oven door or fridge
  • 1 year guarantee - ProCook design manufacture and supply innovative quality products and cut out the middleman to bring you unbeatable prices

Product Description

ProCook Digital Thermometer

Temperature Probe

Our Oven Probe Digital Thermometer is a fantastic multifunctional device that measures temperature and doubles up as a timer.

The thermometer has two magnets on the back so you can attach it to the front panel on your oven or fridge during use. The digital screen is angled up slightly to ensure the display is easily readable when glancing down at the device. It has a max oven temperature of 250°C and a max timer limit of 99 minutes and 59 seconds.

With setting options for most popular meats and a 'standard' function for any food, the thermometer measures in both Celcius and Fahrenheit.

In addition, there are extra settings for cooking beef, lamb and veal to rare through to well done cooking points.

The thermometer is designed to measure the temperature of your food whilst it is cooking in the oven. The cord measures 1m, enabling you to place the thermometer display on your worktop whilst it is plugged in. Never place the display inside the oven.

As your food cooks the current temperature of your food will be measured by the metal probe and show on the screen. If using the alarm a beep will sound when your food has reached the alert temperature you have set.

Not dishwasher safe.

1 year guarantee.

Item Code: 5988

Product Specifications:


Popular meat settings


Celcius and Fahrenheit settings

Sound alert


Magnetic display


7cm / 3in x 7cm / 3in Digital display

17cm / 7in Metal probe




Stainless steel




Max temperature: 250°C/482°F


1 Year

Care Instructions

To maintain your device clean the probe and cord after each use thoroughly in warm soapy water. Do not immerse the plug in water. Clean the thermometer by wiping with a damp cloth. Do not immerse the thermometer in water as it is not waterproof. Important safety advice Take extra care by wearing oven gloves when removing the probe or touching the cord once they have been inside the oven. Never place the white digital thermometer box inside an oven. The ProCook Oven Probe Digital Thermometer is not waterproof or dishwasher safe. Do not immerse the whole product in water as it will become damaged and this is not covered by your guarantee. Always dispose of used batteries responsibly.

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