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Oven Liners & Baking Mats

Keep your oven clean from drips and spills with oven liners that sit at the bottom of your oven, catching any mess that may fall. No matter the size or shape of your oven, we offer a variety of cooking liners that provide protection from overspills from your cake tins and baking trays & sheets. Simply slide our non-stick adjustable oven liner into your oven, much like an oven shelf.

Additionally, we also have a selection of silicone baking mats, providing you with a surface to work your dough on. With our non-stick baking mats, your dough is less likely to stick to the surface and are easy to clean. Simply wipe the silicone baking mat clean, roll it up and store.

Our oven liners and silicone baking mats are great ways to keep your kitchen clean. We also have a variety of cleaning products for any spills that may occur.