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Pie Dishes

Pie dishes help you bake delicious savoury or sweet pies with a perfectly flaky crust and golden brown edge. With the right pie dish and pie pots, your pie's filling will be consistently cooked through and bursting with flavour while your pie's crust is evenly browned and tender.

We offer a variety of pie dishes, all with their own unique benefits. Our porcelain pie dishes help you cook traditional pies with their deep edges designed to hold a generous amount of filling, while our enamel pie dishes are perfect for crumbles and savoury pies like fish pies. All our enamel pie dishes feature a strong enamel coating that promotes durability and features a traditional design. Why not browse our enamel bakeware for the full collection? You may also want to check out our flan & quiche dishes too.

A lot of love and work goes into making authentic pie pastry. The right baking utensils can greatly help in ensuring that the pastry is the right thickness and size as well as help you unroll the pastry properly, so it sits perfectly in your pie dish.