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Ramekins & Pudding Basins

Souffle ramekins are small, cylindrical dishes typically used for baking individual puddings like a souffle. Whether you've mastered the art of baking a souffle or are up for the challenge of learning, baking a successful souffle mixture in a ramekin is a great way to bake a delicious and mouth watering dessert. You may also wish to use ramekins and pudding basins for creme brule, steamed puddings and gratinated dishes.

We offer a selection of individual pudding basins and ramekin sets made from durable porcelain. All our porcelain pudding basins are classically white and are ovenproof and dishwasher safe. Due to the simplicity of our souffle ramekins, they can be used for elegant dinner parties or casual get togethers.

As well as our steamed pudding basins, we also have a selection of pie dishes - perfect for sweet crumbles and savoury pies - as well as classic enamel bakeware and rustic ceramic bakeware.