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2 Piece Cast Iron Sets

2 piece cast iron sets provide you with not only one, but two beautiful cast iron casserole dishes - simply must-haves for lovers of one-pot recipes and homely meals. With our 2 piece cast iron casserole sets, there's plenty of cooking opportunities. Casserole dishes are perfect for cooking soups, stews, casseroles and even sauces.

Our 2 piece casserole sets typically include a shallow cast iron casserole dish and a larger and deeper cast iron casserole dish, both of which have their own benefits. With our 2 piece casserole dish sets, you can use the shallow casserole pot to cook a variety of one-pot meals but also use the pot to cook fruit crumbles and cinnamon buns. Due to the dish's shallow depth, it can also be an effective way to pan-fry your food while our deeper casserole pots are ideal for stews. We also offer cast iron cookware, including 3 piece cast iron sets. Not searching for 2 piece cast iron sets? Check out our cast iron seperates and our individual cast iron griddles.

All our 2 piece casserole pot sets include a non-stick coating to stop your food from sticking to the sides of your cookware and are cast from molten iron for added strength, durability and even heat distribution. Cook in confidence with our 2 piece cast iron sets that are designed to last and cook your food to perfection each and every time.