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Frying Pans

Get the very best out of your food with a ProCook Frying Pan. Select a versatile skillet with tough non-stick coating for low fat cooking or use them as omelette pans and experience no sticking and no mess. Available in a range of sizes and covered by our money back guarantee.

ProCook frying pans feature varying degrees of non-stick coating, making them easy to clean and perfect to prepare food. Incorporating a range of materials, including stainless steel, aluminium, anodised aluminium, Tri-ply, carbon steel and ceramic, you'll find the perfect frying pan for you with ProCook.

All our pans are dishwasher safe and are ovensafe to varying temperatures, ranging from 180C to 260C. Many ProCook frying pans are induction safe and offer superb heat distribution to minimise the potential for hotspots.

Our pans come in a range of sizes, from 20cm to 30cm, we have the perfect pan for every occasion!

A T G says... "High quality" *****
I was after a new set of high-quality, induction-compatible pans. The Tri-Ply frying and saute pans are indeed very well made and provide excellent heat distribution. I was also impressed by the ProCook Professional Steel range but preferred the lighter weight of the Tri-Ply pans. Highly recommend.

ProCook Frying Pans are rated 4.74 / 5.0 from 817 reviews