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Paella Pans

Paella pans are great for hosting a Spanish fiesta. To cook paella properly, you may want to use a traditional Spanish paella pan that is specifically designed to have a large base and curved edges so that your ingredients are cooked thoroughly.

At ProCook, we have a variety of non stick paella pans that help stop your ingredients from sticking and burning to the sides for more flavoursome results and fuss-free cleaning. The bases of our Spanish paella pans are also large enough for you to cook your rice evenly for consistent results.

When using a paella pan, make sure to use silicone or wooden kitchen utensils when stirring so that you keep from scratching off the non stick coating and trivets and cooling racks when placing the hot paella pan down. Although our large paella pans include metal handles, use aprons, oven gloves and tea towels for heat protection.