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Do I Need to Season My Cast Iron?

Our guide explains how to season cast iron pans and skillets and why it's not needed for ProCook Cast Iron

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Cast iron is well-loved and used piece of cooking equipment. However, the term 'seasoning' is often used alongside cast iron cookware. What does it mean to 'season' cast iron, and do you need to ‘season’ ProCook Cast Iron?

ProCook Cast Iron does not require 'seasoning,' making it useable after a quick clean after purchasing. We're here to explain how to prepare your ProCook Cast Iron before using it and why 'seasoning' isn’t needed.

Seasoning is baked on oil that provides a non-stick surface. This makes for easy food release and helps prevent your cast iron pan from rusting. When washing a seasoned skillet or cast iron pot, avoid dishwasher and soap as this can strip the cookware's seasoning. Simply use hot water and kosher salt, which when mixed, will form a paste.

Is Seasoning Needed for all Cast Iron?

No. Nowadays seasoning isn't a necessity, but it may be required for your cast iron equipment. However, always read the care instructions and guidelines provided by the cast iron manufacturer to ensure you make the most of your cookware. Proper care is needed so your cast iron can last a lifetime, which is fantastic for the planet and for your bank account. 

What is 'Seasoning'?

ProCook Cast Iron Doesn't Require Seasoning

Our team worked with designers to craft a cast iron range that suits a more modern lifestyle and prides itself on not needing to be seasoned due to its enamelled coating found inside and out of our cast iron casseroles. Not only does seasoning require many hours and a lot of materials, but it's high maintenance. Seasoning can be accidentally removed from washing up liquid and cannot be placed in the dishwasher, making it more difficult to clean and care for than most other cookware.

With this in mind, we created a cast iron range that offers fantastic cooking capabilities while simplifying preparation and up-keep. Rather than seasoning, lightly oil the rim of both the casserole and the lid with any cooking oil before first use. By doing this, you are sealing and protecting raw edges. Once done, you're ready to start cooking up a feast.

What is Enamelled Cast Iron?

All our cast iron includes an enamel glaze that prevents rusting, eliminates the need to season, and allows for more thorough cleaning. It is this enamel coating that makes our cast iron so special and ideal for cooks who enjoy a more modern twist on their cast iron.

Check out some pieces from our beautifully enamelled cast iron range:

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How to Season Cast Iron

Firstly, read the instructions provided by the manufacturer before seasoning a cast iron skillet. They will instruct whether seasoning is necessary. However, general seasoning typically requires the following steps to be taken:

- Wash the cast iron pan with hot, soapy water.
- Dry thoroughly.
- Add a thin layer of vegetable oil or melted shortening over the pan, ensuring it's fully covered the surface.
- Heat the oven to 230C/210C fan. Place the oiled cast iron pan in the oven and leave for 20-30 minutes. Make sure to place foil or a non-stick oven liner to catch any drippings.
- Remove the cast iron pan and rub with a dash of oil. Place in the oven for a further 30 minutes. Repeat the process an additional 3-4 times if you wish.

ProTip: Always read the care instructions to see whether seasoning is necessary and if there is a specific method you should be following.

Rustic charm, outstanding cooking performance and easy to use is what makes our cast iron so special. Featuring a diverse selection of colours, shapes and sizes, our cast iron allows you to lift the lid on warming one-pot stews, freshly baked bread, and sweet cobblers.

Our ProCook Cast Iron is a showstopper in the kitchen and the centre of attention in the dining room once dinner is served. Here's why:

  • Enamelled inside and out. Life's too short to spend it seasoning and maintaining your cast iron. By enamelling, we minimise the amount of cleaning required and make our cast iron range dishwasher safe. The enamel toughens the cast iron, increasing its longevity.
  • Suitable for all hob types. No matter the type of hob you use, our cast iron pans will work perfectly thanks to its smooth, enamelled base.
  • Self basting lids. Each of our cast iron casseroles feature dimpled lids to help lock in moisture during when cooking, ensuring that your meal remains succulent and full of flavour.
  • Beautiful colours and design. Serve straight to the table and give entertaining an edge with our cast iron casseroles.

While our cast iron is designed to make caring for and preserving its cooking qualities easier, feel free to read our blog on how to clean cast iron cookware for more cast iron care advice. 

Our ProCook Cast Iron Range: Inspired by Tradition with a Modern Touch

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