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Cast Iron Cookware

ProCook Cast Iron Cookware is rated 4.67 / 5.0 from 242 reviews

Cast iron cookware is renowned for its excellent heat retention and natural non-stick properties. Whilst requiring extra care and attention in use, cast iron cookware's longevity and quality means it can remain a central piece of any cook's kitchen for years. Choose from cast iron cooking pots, casserole dishes or griddles in a selection of beautiful colours. Our casserole pots feature twin handles for ease of use, basting rings in the lids to seal in juices and flavours and a 25 year guarantee for peace of mind. Our griddles are covered by the same guarantee and come in the same range of colours, so you can build up a matching set of these beautiful pieces. Ideal for a huge range of recipes, ProCook Cast Iron Cookware is a superb choice, and that's why it is rated so highly by our customers.

Recipes to try with your cast iron pots

Perfect Griddled Asparagus
Asparagus has got to be one of our favourite vegetables. It is in season right now and can be picked up for pennies. It's great with fish, chicken, just a little butter and best of all with parmesan. Trust us on this one.

Moqueca de peixe baiana (Brazilian Fish Stew)
A traditional Brazilian recipe this stew is best served with rice.

Steak & ale casserole
A rich, thick and delicious stew perfect for the start of autumn. Using a good ale or stout means no need to make your own stock and keeps the dish super-simple to prepare. This recipe can be cooked from start to finish, right onto the table, in a single pot