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November 2021

ProCook Opens Central London Cookery School

The ProCook Cookery School opens in Central London, partnering with Michelin Star Chef Tom Aikens as a Guest Chef in 2022. 

Media Contact: Kate Lewis


ProCook Opens Central London Cookery School

The UK???s leading specialist kitchenware brand, ProCook, has announced the opening of its own Cookery School in Central London, partnering with Michelin Star Chef Tom Aikens who will feature as its first celebrity guest chef tutor.

Located above the brand???s recently opened flagship store in Tottenham Court Road, the ProCook Cookery School occupies 1400 sq ft.

A beautifully bright, tailor-made space, the ProCook Cookery School is specifically designed to be an inspirational engaging place where you are invited to enhance your cooking skills, techniques, and recipe repertoire. The school is managed by Kathryn Roberts and features an exciting roster of in-house classes run by in-house Cookery School Chef Tutor Vanessa Toral Diaz supported by renowned guest chefs including sourdough expert and Bread Science Lecturer at the National Bakery School, Kevan Roberts.

Tom Aikens will be appearing as a Guest Chef Tutor in 2022, serving up a tempting roster of expert cookery classes featuring his signature style of ???elevated classics???. One of the UK???s most acclaimed and inspirational British chefs, Tom is renowned for his fine-dining restaurant Muse by Tom Aikens in Belgravia, as well as appearances on television shows such as The Great British Menu.

As well as in person classes, the school will offer a full schedule of online courses as well as being available for private hire for corporate events and book launches.

 CEO and Founder Daniel O???Neill said:

 ???The new ProCook Cookery School has been a dream of ours for a long time and we???re all thrilled that it has now opened in London. It???s an exciting step forward for the brand, offering an immersive experience that brings ProCook???s passion for home cooking to life.???

ProCook Cookery School Manager, Kathryn Roberts said:

???We can???t wait to welcome guests to the ProCook Cookery School both in person and online. The space and our chefs are prepped and ready to bring a varied mix of classes to complete novices, passionate home cooks and budding chefs alike.???

Prices from £19 for online classes and from £99 for 3.5 hour in-person sessions, the ProCook Cookery School will cover various themes, such as different global cuisines, cooking for the family, advanced baking, vegan and gluten-free creations, and everyday kitchen skills.

Classes are now open to the public and can be booked online at


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