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Cupcake Accessories

Cupcake accessories are useful for seasoned and new bakers. With the right equipment, you can make delicious and beautiful cupcakes and muffins that are perfect for garden parties or a sweet treat in the afternoon.

To help you whip up light and fluffy cupcakes that will delight the pickiest of eaters, we have scales and measuring cups, spoons & jugs to help with accuracy, as well as baking utensils designed to help you mix up a smooth batter. Once you've mixed up your batter, fill the cupcake cases or muffin cases.

We have a variety of silicone cupcake cases that are not only reusable, but are easy to clean and come in fun colours. Our cake decorating tools can also help you elevate the appearance of your cupcakes, lending a hand in icing work that is sure to impress your friends or family.