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Splatter Guards & Spoon Rests

Splatter guards help keep your kitchen countertops clean from food splatters caused by the spitting of hot liquids. Liquids such as cooking oils tend to spit once reaching a high heat - this can cause mess on your hobs and clothes, as well as cause slight discomfort when coming into contact with bare skin. Frying pan splatter guards are ideal for not only keeping yourself safe by providing a barrier between you and the hot oil, but they can also reduce the amount of clean-up required after cooking.

We have a variety of splatter guards. Our microwave safe splatter guards help keep your microwave clean. We also offer a splatter guard for frying pans and skillets, so you can fry without worrying about the spitting of hot liquids.You can also help prevent cross contamination by using spoon rests for wooden and silicone kitchen utensils. Not only do they kitchen spoon rests keep your countertops clean, but they stop the spread of bacteria.